Friday, 31 May 2013

Lace and Crochet

The lighting and poor photo quality made my face look extra pointy. I don't know what I did but I wish I did so that I could do this with every selfie :p 

Top from H&M, Shorts from Zipia,net, Sandals by Tory Burch, Sunglasses by Robert Geller

I am so thankful that I have a small gap of relaxation as a finish off all of my culminating activities and begin reviews/studying for exams! I am going to try to fully embrace these 2 days with the utmost laziness that a teenage girl can possibly endure. I am going to sleep, eat, sleep, play video games, sleep, eat, blog and sleep... and it's gonna be great! 

I was kinda surprised as to how much I liked my outfit today. I didn't plan it at all, in fact I just sorta took these shorts from my sister's closet and grabbed a random black top from my repulsive mountain of clothes! :D Today was nearly 33 degrees and I felt like I was under a heat lamp for most of the day! My black asian hair was not helping either! 

My main concern today was keeping cool so I knew I needed minimal clothing! I can always count on a crochet/lace top and my trusty black laced bralette from Artizia by Talula! 

xxx Jenny 

Monday, 27 May 2013

"Starlight Blues" Tutorial

Finished Look! 
Prime your upper lid and just under your lower lash line.
Take a flat shader brush and mix a blue-toned grey, a shimmery light navy blue, and a white iridescent shadow together to create a pretty blue-toned white shimmer! Im using the BH Cosmetics 3rd Edition 120 Colours palette and a MAC 213 brush. 
Take a grey gunmetal colour and a pencil brush and work the colour deep into your crease. I'm using the Sigma E30 brush.
Take a black shadow and using the same pencil brush, darken the crease with the same motion as the previous step. Create a small wing upwards following the natural shape of your eye. Your wing should connect with the crease colour! 
Take a blending brush and blend the harsh lines of the crease away. Try not to blend the dark colours into the white on the lid so much because you want to have the evident contrast! I used a MAC 224 brush! (Brush picture above is not mine, I forgot to take a picture of my brush sawry) 
Take a liquid liner draw a simple thin line close to the lash line! Using NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese line you lower lash line/water line. Taking the same pencil brush from before, use the leftover colour on the brush and buff the colour into the outer half of you eye! 

Curl your lashes and apply a volumizing mascara on your lower and top lashed and you're done! Here, I'm using the Shu Uemura Lash Curler and the Fairydrops Mascara!

I'm going to start writing short stories to go along with each of my tutorials and I hope you enjoy taking a read into the story of each look that I create! Please take a read and enjoy my first instalment titled "Starlight Blues"
Starlight Blues

At that point in my life, I didn't know what I wanted. I didn't know what anything had meant anymore. What did a bird's chirping amongst the clashing cars on the rabid city streets mean? Was it trying to convey a message to us? To his or her mate? Why was the grass so lush and green on that particular day? Was it because of a new fertilizer? Had it just been freshly watered? And why did I feel different that day? I woke up as a brushed my legs against my white Egyptian cotton sheets, and for the first time in a long time I felt that I was finally going to feel some excitement and an unexplainable feeling that I had been waiting to experience since it all fell apart for me. 

 As night approached and the sky was becoming increasingly opaque with darkness, I had decided to take a walk. I know, who decides to take a walk on an eerie night with the darkness in the sky? The serene silence as the woodland creatures calls had intuitively been connecting with each sense of realization in my mind and body. 

Suddenly I realized that I had gone too far! I didn't recognize that place but there were trees, a lot of trees, and yet in the midst of all the darkness the tops of the trees began to sparkle and glisten like little dewdrops. Soon enough straight ray came through the tree branches and it was like nothing I've ever seen before. I felt like I had been transported into an alienated world! I world full of brightness and mystique! I was astounded! Breathless! I felt excitement and I-I just couldn't explain it. 

Starlights glistened so harmoniously on top of the gradient night sky. I've wondered into a world of inexplicable excitement and awe based on a whim to take a walk on an eerie night. 

It was beautiful.  

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Review

Eyeliners, eyeliners! So many different eyeliners in the world and yet only a select few stand out amongst the growing variety! There's pencil, gel, and liquid and you'll find hardcore enthusiasts with differentiating opinions as to which formula is superior. 

I personally like liquid eyeliners the best for every day application. They tend to be more pigmented, and longer-lasting than the competing formulas! The problem that most people have with liquid eyeliners is the application. Generally speaking, liquid eyeliner needs some practice but once you've mastered application it is much easier to create a beautiful variety of lines, shapes, and even designs! 

I've recently tried the much hyped about Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black and have concluded that every girl/makeup artist must own this product! It even allows makeup noobs to enjoy the outcome of liquid liner at its best! 

What it claims: Containing honey essence with moisturizing effect. An extra-fine tipped brush that delivers an exact, definite, even stroke when lining the eyes. Deep black colour creates strong contour on eyes. Water resistance formula and easy to wash off formula is long lasting but can be easily removed by warm water.

The eyeliner is in a pen form which is convenient but can also be faulty. The amount of product that you receive is largely based upon luck which sucks! Luckily I had one of the good ones because I use this liner everyday and the ink is still as sharp, and bold as ever! The applicator is thick at the base and tapered down to a pinpoint thin end, this allows you to draw with extreme precision! You can draw a super thin line for a more natural look or a thicker line as well! The applicator enables you to draw such a smooth and pigmented line! It sounds weird but it really does seem like your lining your eyes with the most prestige fine point marker ever, which puts in context how easy it is to draw different designs on your eyes! Whether your creating a simple tapered cat-eye or an avant garde looks, this eyeliner won't dispoint! 

The ink is super pigmented and is the most "true ink black" I've ever seen from any liquid liner. The "inkiness" makes it a bit longer to dry so you should be cautious after you first apply it! I always curl my lashes before they dry and it always smudges! :( 

The liner lasts very very very long! There was this one time when I was crying like a pussy hopelessly from watching "The Notebook" (mmm Ryan Gosling) and naturally I was rubbing my eyes like crazy! The eyeliner stayed put! It had faded a bit but it didn't smudge at all! No racoon eyes for meee! This was with no primer at all! Just bare lids kids! 

When I only draw a slight wing I noticed that it does rub off! 

I bought this eyeliner for $22 but you can purchase this online at cheaper prices, although you should all be cautious of buying from illegitimate sellers on ebay etc. 

xxx Jenny

  • Overall rating: 4.9/5
  • Recommend to a friend: YES!! 
  • Buy again?: I don't think I'll be able to function in life without it!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Layer Me Baby

Shirt from H&M, Skort from Zara, Jacket/Blazer from Zara, Ankle Boots from Steve Madden

I am absolutely obsessed with this skort from Zara. It's so unique and chic! The quality of the skort is very very nice! I literally can't wait to get them in every colour! 

I wish there were more fashionable skorts on the market! It's truly one the most genius and practical items on the market! I use to love them as a kid and I don't want to have to jump back into Gap Kids to wear skorts again! Take note stores buyers/designers! Imma look out for you. aight? aight. 

I paired this outfit with some little ankle booties from Steve Madden. You couldn't see the shoes clearly from the full frontal photo so I opted for an online photo due to my excessive laziness for which I apologize for. 

I am very upset with myself as I have not been blogging nearly as frequently as I could be! I have all my culminating activities going on right now and exams are right around the corner so it's a very stressful time for me, and I have to keep up with so many things including my skincare because it's gonna be zit central over here if I let myself go as the stress gets to me!!!  

Monday, 6 May 2013

Blinding me

Sexy selfies with my dog
You can see a distorted part of the stool behind me in the corner of the photo. I know if I don't address this now, I'm going to get a bunch of questions about it. Basically there was a bra hanging from there and I tried photo shopping it out. Clearly I suck at photo shop and thus the outcome pictured above.

Rhinestone detailing on the shirt
No makeup sundays whoo

Sheer Collared Shirt from Forever 21, Jeans from Levis, Jacket from Zara, Wedges from Zara, Sunglasses by Betsey Johnson, Navy Blue Le Pilage Longchamp Bag

Today I ran a few errands around town with my casual outfit as the sun was shining and I had my super kewwl shades on! ;) I was super exhausted and I have just come to the realization that I still have a ton of homework to do. 
I. am. an. idiot.

Everybody meet my dog! I am absolutely obsessed with my little yorkie poodle but this is the first time that everybody has met him! His name is Oliver and he's 3 years old right now! I take far too many pictures of him so you're sure to see him again! 

xxx Jenny

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sheer Spikes

These jeans are so big for me... and when I mean big I mean in length! They are slim fitting true to the whole "skinny" leg thang goin' on but they are so long which makes them so scrunchy on my short little legs! You can even tell from the photo!! 
Face of the day: Urban Decay Naked Foundation, MAC Melba Blush, Covergirl Sunset Glow (Ivory Colour), Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline Full n Soft, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere in the inner corners, Lieole Auto Eyebrow Pencil 

Sheer White Shirt from H&M, Jeans from Hot Topic, Shoes from Korea, Necklace from Forever 21, Navy Blue Le Pilage Longchamp Tote (Not Pictured)

Some people have been wondering why I never carry a handbag! It's not that I never carry a handbag, it's just that a lot of my ootd are from school so I'm wearing a backback most of the time! The only time I'm not wearing a backpack to school is when it doesn't work well. Obviously I have a collection of handbags as well! I mean c'mon I am a girl aren't I? Anyways it was the weekend today and I used my long champ bag that everyone has Navy Blue Le Pilage Longchamp Tote. It's not pictured here but I'm pretty sure most people have seen someone carrying this bag around. 

I had such a long day todaaaaaaay! I am so drained of energy, and what's more than that is the fact that I have an equally exhausting day tomorrow as well! ER MER GHERD I'm going to dieeeeeee :'( 

xxx Jenny 

Friday, 3 May 2013

What's Your Name? HyunA Eye Makeup Inspired Tutorial

Finished Look! My eyes compared to HyunA's 

  Video Tutorial Above! :)

Apply eyeshadow primer to your upper lid and just under your lower lash line.
Mix the two colours from the palette to create an orange-toned brown. Apply the colour to your upper lid with a flat shader brush. I'm using the MAC 239 brush
Apply a gold cream base on your lid. 
Apply a gold powder shadow on your lid, basically on top of your cream base. Focus the shadow on the middle of the lid! 
Using a brown eyeshadow, line your eyes with an angled eyeshadow brush. I'm using the Sigma E65 brush. Line the upper lash line as you normally would. You don't really have to focus much on the top. The bottom is really important! Really "rub" (for lack of a better word) in the shadow to your lower lash line! Extend out from the bottom. Don't mind the messed up outline... I tried my beeest :'( 
Tight line your eyes all the way into the inner corners. Make a small wing just slightly overlapping the wing made with the brown eyeshadow. 
Take a liquid liner and line the outer half of the lower lash line. Extend out so that the bottom wing is pretty much parallel to the upper wings. I messed up my bottom wing if you couldn't tell hahaha! I fixed it with some eye makeup remover, so you should probably refer to the finished look photo up top! 
Go back with your angled eyeliner brush and load up the same brown eyeshadow that you have previously lined your eyes with. Intensify the lower portion of the eye as outlined. DO NOT RELOAD BRUSH. Take the left over shadow on the brush and blend out the upper wing towards the lid. It should look something like the last photo when it's blended out!
     The finished look photo and the tutorial photos were shot on different days! That's why the pictures look a bit different! I personally think the finished look photo looks much better so you might want to refer to that picture quite frequently and just look at the tutorial pictures for a general gist of how/where to apply your products!

I had a lot of fun trying on this look and hope that some of you will try this too!

xxx Jenny 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

They're my boyfriend's

Meet my sisters. I'm the one holding the bike because I don't know how to ride one which makes it funny. Ha. 
It was my sister's birthday hence this delicious dinner that I took a bunch of picture of! 
mmmmmm I like it medium rare
American Apparel White V-Neck, Boyfriend Jeans from Levis, Wedges from Honk Kong

Boyfriend jeans and a basic white tee are so harmonious together. I'm a big fan of the half-tuck look because it can just instantly change the feel to a look so simply! 

Although I love boyfriend jeans, they aren't very flattering on me. They make my short legs look even shorter and stubbier. That's why a pair of heels/wedges are essential for me while wearing these jeans. 

It was my sister's birthday dinner last night and we indulged on a delicious steak dinner! I haven't had a meal this delicious in a really long time because generally try to eat relatively clean and at home, but a little red meat once in a while won't hurt anybody. mmmmm 

xxx Jenny 

Josie Maran Argon Oil Review

Skip to 6:28 to hear me talk about the product! 

The thought of applying oil on my face scare me a lot. I mean who wants to put pure oil on their face? If I wanted to do that I would have gone into my kitchen, opened up a cabinet and dunked my face into a tub of oil. This of course is a horrible idea, so don't even think of doing something like that. 

Natural oils actually do great things for skincare! I have combination-oily skin and thought that applying oil on my face was going to make me look disgusting but it actually worked wonders

The Josie Maran Argan Oil ($58) is 100% organic cold pressed argan oil from Marocco, and one of my HG products

What it claims: This legendary, lightweight oil, grown organically in Morocco, is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Use it as a fast absorbing daily moisturizer, or to heal and condition everything from cuticles to split ends. Plus it is 100% organic! Housed in a recyclable glass bottle.1.7 fl oz./50ml.

This product literally measures up to every single one of their claims! I use it as a daily moisturizer; day and night and I have seen a world of difference in my skin. My skin always feels soft, supple, and healthy! My acne scars have lightened up significantly as well! I can fee my skin be nourished with goodness. I would say this is relatively fast absorbing for an oil, but you really do have to work it into your skin. I don't recommend applying this right before makeup because your makeup can stick to your skin leaving a concentrated blob of colour. 

The product come with a little dropper applicator which makes things really convenient and hygienic. Although the dropper makes things convenient, it can make application difficult as well. I squeeze all the product out of the dropper and wipe the sides of the dropper on my palm. Then, I just ruuuuub it in baaabby ;) 

If you don't want to apply this product to your entire face, it's also a great dry spot treatment. The product comes in a smaller travel size for $14 which some of you might be interested in if you have a few super flaky problem areas! It really is the best product on the market for fixing flaky dry spots! 

The oil smells very natural and light. 

The major downside about this product is undoubtingly the high price tag! It costs $58 for 1.7oz. It has lasted me about 8 months with daily application and I have finished just over half the bottle! Therefore, although the product does last relatively long, I wouldn't use it for anything other than my skin. All this stuff about applying it as a hair treatment, nails etc. is bullshit nonsense as you would run broke replacing this product all the time! 

I recommend this product to those all skin types! I would be careful if you have sensitive skin because organic products may react poorly to sensitive skin. 

xxx Jenny 

  • Overall rating: 4.8/5
  • Recommend to a friend: Yes
  • Buy again: Yes! Yes! Yes! 

*** Combination Oily Skin that is Problematic. 
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