Thursday, 8 May 2014

April Favorites

April wasn't too exciting for me... just a lot of school, rain, and seemingly tedious tasks. I didn't try that many new products this month due to lack of cash flow (too much Starbucks I suppose), but I fall in love with a few new products most of which I actually stole from my older sister. Although, in all honestly she wasn't using them anyways and makeup expires, therefore I consider myself doing her a favour. 

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer: I've been using this concealer for ages now, I mean you can really tell from the photos that we've been through a lot with each other. I use the darker shade to conceal my blemishes and I've never used the lighter shade until recently! I started using the light shade as a highlight for my nose and it is the best freaking highlighter ever! It's so pigmented and natural with no sparkle and it makes such a huge difference!

Wayne Goss Taper Blending Brush 02: My sister bought the entire Wayne Goss Brush Collection and so I got to try them and I was super impressed with this blending brush. It's not dense enough to be applying colours but it blends colours out so effortlessly. The bristles are so soft! They feel like feather! Sometimes I just like to like rub it back and forth on my skin! 

Lioele Blooming Lip Gloss in Pink Flower 03: There isn't much pigmentation to this but it leaves a super high gloss finish! It's honestly more moisturizing than my EOS lipbalm and it tastes like fuzzy peaches! 

NYC Lipstick in Mahogany: Very dark wine colour. Dark lipsticks really scared me for a long time! I could never pull them off so I always just strayed away from them, but lately I've really been liking just a tint of a wine hue on my lips. It makes my skin look instantly brighter and just makes me look very chic. I usually only apply three swipes on the middle of my bottom lip, two around my cupid's bow and then I just use my fingers to blend out the colour! I will be doing a full review with swatches of this lipstick soon! 

Calvin Klein Shock for Her Rollerball: My favourite scent for spring is actually Dot or Daisy by Marc Jacobs but I don't have either of those in rollerball! I like to smell like freshly sprayed perfume throughout the day so this rollerball came very handy this month! It's a very sweet and fruity scent with notes of citrus and vanilla! 

That's it for April! If you want full reviews or have any question on any of these products, go ahead and leave them in the comment section below! 

xxx Jenny 

Monday, 30 December 2013

Winter Essentials | Toronto Ice Storm

I like to think that as a Canadian, that I'm a pretty valid source of advice when it comes bearing with the winter. Here are some of my winter essentials that helps me through my least favourite season!

Giant Knit Cardigans

This cardigan from Mendocino is more like a fashionable blanket than a cardigan and I'm obsessed with it.


Most of my scarfs are knit by my grandma or bought at local boutiques. I generally wear two types of scarfs; circle scarfs, and printed squares the size of a blanket. 

Winter Boots

While they aren't the most fashionable things in the world, they are the most functional with the extreme amounts of snow that we get here. Sorels are some serious heavy duty winter boots that pretty much every Canadian from the 5 year old making snow angels to the 80 year old going on their morning stroll has.

Down Filled Winter Coat

You can get down filled winter coats pretty much anywhere are here. The difference in price is usually differentiated by the quality of the fill, or environment which the fill was obtained or the coat was made.  If you come to Canada you'll probably see 3 in every 5 people wearing a Canada Goose Jacket. These jackets have become immensely popular and notorious for their warmth and high price. But I'm telling you guys right now, my Goose (Trillium) has become as beloved as my cell phone! It's the warmest thing in the world, and when I have it on I seriously feel like I can go play with polar bears!

Lip Balm and Hand Cream

The winter dries out everything and it sucks. My hands and lips have become ratchet and gross but I still do what I can to manage them. L'Occitane hand cream is da bomb! I feel like I'm applying whipped cream on my hands, which sounds weird but it's exactly what you should be looking for in a hand cream. As for lip balms, I usually just buy whatever and throw them in every single one of my bags and drop them all over my house.

 Toronto experienced a crazy ice storm, where trees fell down and half of the city was left without power. Although, it was pretty intense and the damage was quite serious there was this beautiful aftermath. Here are some of my favourite photos taken by local photographers!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Return to H&M

H&M New Collection

Over the years H&M has become a store similar to Forever 21 for me, in the sense that I'm never able to find anything that I like. Much of the inventory as the respective stores has grown to be tacky and overly trendy. Both stores are really a hit or miss for me with a significantly more misses than hits! With this statement, I rarely find myself shopping at H&M anymore but I've taken a look into their recent collection and I am super impressed with all the pieces!

I didn't think that I would be spending $$ at H&M again but here I am eating my own words! Check out some of my favourite pieces above!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sea into the Pacific

Sweater from, Lovesick Jeans from Hot Topic, Rain Boots by Dav, Bracelet from, Watch by Nixon

Recently,  I went to the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto with my school and it's literally one of the coolest places I've been to! I wore a really casual and comfortable outfit because I knew I was going to be running around like a hyperactive 4 year old in there.

WARNING: If you're lonely bitch single and bitter about it, stay away from this place! It's date central up in here. Literally couples at every corner. 

Here are some pictures I took! 

xxx Jenny

Friday, 27 December 2013

Kick Back

 Top from, Sweater from H&M, Jeans by J Brand, Boots, by Frye, Bracelet from Juicy Couture

When you live in Canada and the weather is complete shit outside all you want to do is scrunch into your duvet sheets and pretend you're a caterpillar in a cocoon.  Unfortunately, I couldn't do that today and had to run some errands, but that doesn't mean that I was going to sacrifice my comfort or warmth.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Tony Moly Party Lover Triple Dome Eyeshadow in #14 Nude Pink Brown

As many of you are already aware, I am an avid Korean Cosmetics enthusiast! Those Koreans never fail to impress me with their combination of high quality packaging and products to match. But one thing that I've never really been into are Korean eye shadows. Perhaps it is the lack of eyeshadow that Koreans wear, or the fact that the only type of eyeshadow they do wear consist of sparkly pinks, whites, and/or orange and brown mattes. 

What it claims: Achieve eyes that stand out and get noticed with Tony Moly's Party Lover Triple Dome Eye Shadow.  This 3 in one eye shadow goes on smoothly and blends just as well.  Super convenient and great for all occassions.  Especially great for those looking for that smokey eye look.

I came across these eyeshadow trios ($15.99) as I was shopping around my local Tony Moly store and was attracted to the convince and, well, the pretty colours. I look at the colours individually and the likelihood that I would be able to pair them with other eye shadows in my collection when shopping for shadows. Truthfully, I've been looking for a true pink and this one seemed to cut it! The pink is wearable and isn't complete shimmer when applied on the skin unlike MAC's Pink Venus. 

All the colours have a golden undertone so they match nicely under my NC30 skin.

The shadows are finely milled and have a velvet-like texture to them. They have a very pretty satin finish and blend very nicely with either your fingers or a blending brush. Unfortunately, there were a lot of fall outs during application so I recommend have a tissue resting on your cheekbone!

The colours are modestly pigmented, nothing amazing but far better than your average drugstore eyeshadow palette. The darker colours are considerably more pigmented than the lighter colours. I particularly like the bronze colour in this trio, it is a very true bronze with a burgundy hue. The gold colour could be a bit more pigmented as it pretty much disappeared after blending with a brush. My Covergirl Eyeshadow Trio in Sunset Gold has a stronger gold that I'd much rather sub for. The pink, is by far the best pink eyeshadow that I've ever come across. With that being said, I've never been impressed by a Pink shadow until today. I've tried countless ones from countless different brands, from NYC, to Revlon, to Chanel and they all come off as a white with pink undertones. This is a beautiful and wearable pink with iridescent shimmers. 

The wear on the shadows aren't that great. The darker colour faded to a weird muted brown with shimmers in 4 hours, and the pink and gold shade were virtually invisible by the 3rd hour (on Urban Decay Primer Potion).

The trio comes in a very sturdy plastic snap case. The packaging reminds me a lot of Shu Uemura Products. The plastic material calls for easy breakage but it's designed well enough that it won't be snapping around in your makeup bag.

Overall, I do like this eyeshadow trio because it is convenient and has some of the most unique colours I've seen in a while. The pink, and bronze is enough reason for me to keep this trio in my collection. The shadows themselves are quite mediocre and the formulas are nothing special, although the wear is probably the only major downside to the product.

xxx Jenny
  • Overall rating: 3.5/5
  • Recommend to a friend: No
  • Buy Again: Probably not

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hello Kitty Costume Idea

Hello Kitty Costume Idea

It's that time of year again ladies and gentleman. The time of year where men and women all around the world dress up and pretend to be anyone they want for a whole night of unspoken sluttyness. It is true that Halloween is the only time of the year where girls can dress up as absolute sluts and get away with it. With that being said, its always interesting to see a sexy twist on a character that just shouldn't be tampered with. 

Call me a whore, or whatever you may want to, but I am one of those girls who takes advantage of this night. This year I am thinking of going as Hello Kitty without all the weird elementary face paint. The costume is simple and cheap! 

Count on American Apparel on having some sultry red dresses perfect for my new persona. The plush ears are from Hot Topic but I found some youtube videos on DIY options! When I thought of Hello Kitty Costume Shoes I was thinking legally blonde style pumps with a cute sequined bow, but then I was reminded of the fact that I will probably be attending some sweaty Halloween event with underage drunken teenagers and would rather avoid trekking in 4inch heels. My solution: keepin' the pink, loosin' the heel!

You gotta have some hello kitty jewelry for those who don't get your costume right away. I think simply wearing a hello kitty necklace, or ring is gonna save 50% of the "wait are you like a white cat?" questions.

I'll be doing more of these Halloween idea collages so comment below if you have any requests!

xxx Jenny 
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