Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Makeup Quick Fix: Invisible Eyeliner

Everyone girl wants to be that natural beauty who can just wake up beautiful and looking as though we already have makeup on. Reality's truth is that, while that would make life much simpler, this just doesn't seem to be the case.  

There are little tricks that can enhance your natural features with subtle makeup to make it look as though you hard work wasn't any work at all!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Makeup Quick Fix: Tinier Forehead

We all have insecurities! If you are 100% confident in your every single aspect in your life and/or appearance, you're either lying to yourself, or you're really arrogant. There are always things that we can do to overlook or make those insecurities "disappear" 

Today's Makeup Quick Fix is how to make your forehead look smaller! 

Skin79's A.C Clinic "Skin Clearing" Cleanser Review

They say Korea has the most superficial and shallow culture in the world, mostly concluded from the fact that they are indeed the plastic surgery Capitol of the world, and their efforts to become Korea's "ideal women" seem to be endless. 

I myself am Asian, and while Asian products do seem to work significantly better on my skin in comparison to western products, it isn't always the case.

When I had discovered bb creams they quickly became my new obsession. No shitty mockery western bb cream could even come close to the quality in which an Asian bb cream is able to provide. 

Skin79's hot pink super plus bb cream quickly became my preferred makeup base. It's superior coverage, and skin benefits had exceeded my expectations and I have yet to try another bb cream that is able to surpass my love for Skin79! That being said, there are still many bb creams in the Asian market that are waiting for me to try as well! 

My skin had been in such a beautiful texture that I had assumed that the skin care properties in the product must have been remarkable! Therefore, it was only natural for me to see what other skin care products Skin79 had offered. I was quickly intrigued by the A.C Clinic skin care line. I had purchased the A.C Clinic Skin Clearing Cleanser ($18), the A.C Clinic Anti Trouble Spot Gel, and the A.C Clinic Spot Renewal Corrector. 
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