Thursday, 8 May 2014

April Favorites

April wasn't too exciting for me... just a lot of school, rain, and seemingly tedious tasks. I didn't try that many new products this month due to lack of cash flow (too much Starbucks I suppose), but I fall in love with a few new products most of which I actually stole from my older sister. Although, in all honestly she wasn't using them anyways and makeup expires, therefore I consider myself doing her a favour. 

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer: I've been using this concealer for ages now, I mean you can really tell from the photos that we've been through a lot with each other. I use the darker shade to conceal my blemishes and I've never used the lighter shade until recently! I started using the light shade as a highlight for my nose and it is the best freaking highlighter ever! It's so pigmented and natural with no sparkle and it makes such a huge difference!

Wayne Goss Taper Blending Brush 02: My sister bought the entire Wayne Goss Brush Collection and so I got to try them and I was super impressed with this blending brush. It's not dense enough to be applying colours but it blends colours out so effortlessly. The bristles are so soft! They feel like feather! Sometimes I just like to like rub it back and forth on my skin! 

Lioele Blooming Lip Gloss in Pink Flower 03: There isn't much pigmentation to this but it leaves a super high gloss finish! It's honestly more moisturizing than my EOS lipbalm and it tastes like fuzzy peaches! 

NYC Lipstick in Mahogany: Very dark wine colour. Dark lipsticks really scared me for a long time! I could never pull them off so I always just strayed away from them, but lately I've really been liking just a tint of a wine hue on my lips. It makes my skin look instantly brighter and just makes me look very chic. I usually only apply three swipes on the middle of my bottom lip, two around my cupid's bow and then I just use my fingers to blend out the colour! I will be doing a full review with swatches of this lipstick soon! 

Calvin Klein Shock for Her Rollerball: My favourite scent for spring is actually Dot or Daisy by Marc Jacobs but I don't have either of those in rollerball! I like to smell like freshly sprayed perfume throughout the day so this rollerball came very handy this month! It's a very sweet and fruity scent with notes of citrus and vanilla! 

That's it for April! If you want full reviews or have any question on any of these products, go ahead and leave them in the comment section below! 

xxx Jenny 
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