Hello Kitty Costume Idea

Hello Kitty Costume Idea

It's that time of year again ladies and gentleman. The time of year where men and women all around the world dress up and pretend to be anyone they want for a whole night of unspoken sluttyness. It is true that Halloween is the only time of the year where girls can dress up as absolute sluts and get away with it. With that being said, its always interesting to see a sexy twist on a character that just shouldn't be tampered with. 

Call me a whore, or whatever you may want to, but I am one of those girls who takes advantage of this night. This year I am thinking of going as Hello Kitty without all the weird elementary face paint. The costume is simple and cheap! 

Count on American Apparel on having some sultry red dresses perfect for my new persona. The plush ears are from Hot Topic but I found some youtube videos on DIY options! When I thought of Hello Kitty Costume Shoes I was thinking legally blonde style pumps with a cute sequined bow, but then I was reminded of the fact that I will probably be attending some sweaty Halloween event with underage drunken teenagers and would rather avoid trekking in 4inch heels. My solution: keepin' the pink, loosin' the heel!

You gotta have some hello kitty jewelry for those who don't get your costume right away. I think simply wearing a hello kitty necklace, or ring is gonna save 50% of the "wait are you like a white cat?" questions.

I'll be doing more of these Halloween idea collages so comment below if you have any requests!

xxx Jenny 


  1. This is so adorable! I would never think of doing a Hello Kitty costume like this. :)

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. By the way, I followed you. Hope you follow me back. :)



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