Get the look: KARA Damaged Lady MV

Get the look: KARA Damaged Lady

Black top

Mango flap jacket
$93 -

John Lewis pants
$85 -

Hanky Panky bandeau bra
$70 -

GUESS black shoes

Wallis antique ring

Nickel free earrings
$19 -

Oasis stud earrings
$7.75 -

A look inspired by kpop super group Kara's new music video. The look has a black/silver/gold palette. Styled with sophistication and class and an underlying theme of royalty as shown through the jewelry. I fell in love with the story and setting of this music video! The concept was delivered so well and I think it was hands down one of the best k-pop comebacks thus far in 2013! 

The strong and sophisticated outfits meant business and it showed with blazers and flared business wear pants, but they kept things sultry and seductive with sexy crop/sheer tops and black pumps! The look was so sleek and strong! Truly exemplified every woman's desire to be sexy,  and classy not trashy!

Well done Kara!

xxx Jenny

Picture of inspiration


  1. omg the clothes you put together are awesome! They looks a lot like the clothes they're wearing in the MV :o You should do this with other outfits from Kpop MV too! :D I would love to see another one from another band with a slightly cute style ehhe :D

  2. hahah love it cos i am a big fan of Kara :)

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  3. im imagining the outfit put together, and it looks very cute! lol and then i saw your inspiration photo at the bottom and it all made sense. looks great though!

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
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