Holika Holika Aqua Fantasy Cream Review

Hello hello my lovelies, today I am here with a review of the Holika Holika Aqua Fantasy Cream which I had mentioned in my previous "Korean Cosmetic Haul" video! 

I feel like it has been forever since I last wrote a review on my blog and I'm happy to say that it is a positive one! 

What it claims: Holika Hollika Aqua Fantasy Cream is a gel type cream which has the ability to absorb quicker and penetrate deeper than traditional creams. The formula hydrates and retains moisture to create smoother skin for all day wear. Also, helps tighten for cleaner and clearer looking skin.

The cream itself is made with Iceland Glacial Water, and Hot Spring Water so it has a very liquid-gel type consistency. The cream is very light and moisturizing and it feels very refreshing on your skin. It also has a very nice cooling effect to soothe any type of irritation that you may be experiencing! The moisturizer is just so light it so gracefully glides on your skin allowing you to prolong the contents. The swatch in the pictures above was actually enough to cover my entire hand and lower arm! 

The cream absorbs really easily into my skin and leaves my skin feeling soft and velvety!

It's great for oily skin and I think this is probably the best summer moisturizer that I have ever come across! The moisturizer takes "hydrating" to a whole new level; I've never used a product that has been so literal to the claim.  

I don't recommend this product for users with dry skin because dry skin needs more intense moisture, ideally speaking; something along the lines of a cream moisturizer. 

  • Overall rating: 5/5 (for oily skin) 
  • Recommend to a friend: Yes! 
  • Buy Again: YES

Also, I just wanted to mention that I've bought items for a future giveaway that I'm planning to do very soon! 

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These number might not mean much to established bloggers, and vloggers but they seem crazy and gratifying to me! It's unbelievable to think that this many people actually care for what I have to say and it's the best feeling ever! Every time I get a new follower or subscriber my heart flutters like a 4th grader with her crush! 

XXX Jenny 


  1. This cream looks great and is good that serve for oily skin, I also like the packaging :)

  2. The packaging looks really cool! Xx

    1. i know!! Asian beauty products are so creative with their packaging! I love it!

  3. Looks really nice! c: I don't think it'll be good for dry skin though? o:
    Thanks for the review~

    1. yea, i mentioned in the review that it wouldn't be enough moisture for dry skin!

  4. This cream sounds wonderful~ ^_^ I really want to try it now!

    Lovely blog~ ^___^ Followed you on GFC~ I hope you reach your 50 followers! You truly deserve them all! :3


  5. looks like a cute package !

    let me know if youre interested in following each other

  6. I plan on getting this :)) great review! I'm following you :)


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