What's Your Name? HyunA Eye Makeup Inspired Tutorial

Finished Look! My eyes compared to HyunA's 

  Video Tutorial Above! :)

Apply eyeshadow primer to your upper lid and just under your lower lash line.
Mix the two colours from the palette to create an orange-toned brown. Apply the colour to your upper lid with a flat shader brush. I'm using the MAC 239 brush
Apply a gold cream base on your lid. 
Apply a gold powder shadow on your lid, basically on top of your cream base. Focus the shadow on the middle of the lid! 
Using a brown eyeshadow, line your eyes with an angled eyeshadow brush. I'm using the Sigma E65 brush. Line the upper lash line as you normally would. You don't really have to focus much on the top. The bottom is really important! Really "rub" (for lack of a better word) in the shadow to your lower lash line! Extend out from the bottom. Don't mind the messed up outline... I tried my beeest :'( 
Tight line your eyes all the way into the inner corners. Make a small wing just slightly overlapping the wing made with the brown eyeshadow. 
Take a liquid liner and line the outer half of the lower lash line. Extend out so that the bottom wing is pretty much parallel to the upper wings. I messed up my bottom wing if you couldn't tell hahaha! I fixed it with some eye makeup remover, so you should probably refer to the finished look photo up top! 
Go back with your angled eyeliner brush and load up the same brown eyeshadow that you have previously lined your eyes with. Intensify the lower portion of the eye as outlined. DO NOT RELOAD BRUSH. Take the left over shadow on the brush and blend out the upper wing towards the lid. It should look something like the last photo when it's blended out!
     The finished look photo and the tutorial photos were shot on different days! That's why the pictures look a bit different! I personally think the finished look photo looks much better so you might want to refer to that picture quite frequently and just look at the tutorial pictures for a general gist of how/where to apply your products!

I had a lot of fun trying on this look and hope that some of you will try this too!

xxx Jenny 


  1. Love the golden shimmery shadow! I wish I can wear winged eyeliner, it just doesn't work on my fat eyelids lol -.-
    Thanks for sharing though, it's very pretty :)

    1. Thank You! I love the golden colour too! It's the covergirl eyeshadow trio in golden sunset! Really cheap! I've tried other golds like MAC's wood winked and I still haven't found another gold that I like as much as this cheap alternative!! And I'm sure there is a way that you can work winged eyeliner! Just try try try again?

  2. You should have used a darker shade for the lower lid. I think it would have looked better if you hadn't used liquid eyeliner to draw the line because it looks really harsh in comparison to HyunAh's, not to mention it looks like your hand was shaking when drawing it on.

    1. Thank You for the advice! I'm usually pretty good with handling liquid eyeliner it's just this was my first YouTube tutorial and filming it was awkward cause I didn't know where or what angle to place my hands hahahaha. But I do agree that liquid liner looks rather harsh compared to hyuna's, so I will keep that in mind for my next tutorial!

    2. Glad you didn't take my comment the wrong way! Make sure to not rub so hard on your eyelids though. It'll definitely lead to premature wrinkles. :( I think it'd help if you used eye shadows that are less chalky in texture.

  3. It looks very similar to Hyuna's look! Great job Jenny! ^^

    I agree with the anonymous, I think it would have been better if you used a black eyeshadow or a pencil eyeliner and smudged it out for a softer look.

    But I can't wait to recreate this look ^^

    Just followed on GFC and Bloglovin', feel free to follow back :)

    Y-OONYEE [click here]


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