They're my boyfriend's

Meet my sisters. I'm the one holding the bike because I don't know how to ride one which makes it funny. Ha. 
It was my sister's birthday hence this delicious dinner that I took a bunch of picture of! 
mmmmmm I like it medium rare
American Apparel White V-Neck, Boyfriend Jeans from Levis, Wedges from Honk Kong

Boyfriend jeans and a basic white tee are so harmonious together. I'm a big fan of the half-tuck look because it can just instantly change the feel to a look so simply! 

Although I love boyfriend jeans, they aren't very flattering on me. They make my short legs look even shorter and stubbier. That's why a pair of heels/wedges are essential for me while wearing these jeans. 

It was my sister's birthday dinner last night and we indulged on a delicious steak dinner! I haven't had a meal this delicious in a really long time because generally try to eat relatively clean and at home, but a little red meat once in a while won't hurt anybody. mmmmm 

xxx Jenny 


  1. You and your sisters all look gorgeous! :) and the fooooood omg yummmmm!

  2. I dont know how to ride a bike either.. Haha! The food makes me hungry ;-;

    1. oh my gosh really!! I always get teased about not knowing how to. i always see couples go on little like bike ride dates... and I'm **merp** never gonna happen

  3. You guys look beautiful! By the way, where are you from? The street on the picture of you and your sisters looks amazing! xx

  4. Hi!
    I’m follovin’ your blog on GFC and Bloglovin :)
    Would you like to follow each other?
    I’ll wait for you on my blog.



  5. I love bfjeans they are so comfy yet chic :)
    Cool look!

    1. Yes I love them too! I like the effortless look that they give! Thanks :)


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