Layer Me Baby

Shirt from H&M, Skort from Zara, Jacket/Blazer from Zara, Ankle Boots from Steve Madden

I am absolutely obsessed with this skort from Zara. It's so unique and chic! The quality of the skort is very very nice! I literally can't wait to get them in every colour! 

I wish there were more fashionable skorts on the market! It's truly one the most genius and practical items on the market! I use to love them as a kid and I don't want to have to jump back into Gap Kids to wear skorts again! Take note stores buyers/designers! Imma look out for you. aight? aight. 

I paired this outfit with some little ankle booties from Steve Madden. You couldn't see the shoes clearly from the full frontal photo so I opted for an online photo due to my excessive laziness for which I apologize for. 

I am very upset with myself as I have not been blogging nearly as frequently as I could be! I have all my culminating activities going on right now and exams are right around the corner so it's a very stressful time for me, and I have to keep up with so many things including my skincare because it's gonna be zit central over here if I let myself go as the stress gets to me!!!  


  1. The skort has a really cute and interesting design! I've never seen a skirt/skort design like that before. And the ankle booties are so cute! Love the edginess of your outfit :D

  2. Love those boots so much!

    Don't worry too much about blogging all the time- do it when you can so you don't feel pressured. I know the feeling and it isn't fun, which is what blogging is supposed to be! :)


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