Lace and Crochet

The lighting and poor photo quality made my face look extra pointy. I don't know what I did but I wish I did so that I could do this with every selfie :p 

Top from H&M, Shorts from Zipia,net, Sandals by Tory Burch, Sunglasses by Robert Geller

I am so thankful that I have a small gap of relaxation as a finish off all of my culminating activities and begin reviews/studying for exams! I am going to try to fully embrace these 2 days with the utmost laziness that a teenage girl can possibly endure. I am going to sleep, eat, sleep, play video games, sleep, eat, blog and sleep... and it's gonna be great! 

I was kinda surprised as to how much I liked my outfit today. I didn't plan it at all, in fact I just sorta took these shorts from my sister's closet and grabbed a random black top from my repulsive mountain of clothes! :D Today was nearly 33 degrees and I felt like I was under a heat lamp for most of the day! My black asian hair was not helping either! 

My main concern today was keeping cool so I knew I needed minimal clothing! I can always count on a crochet/lace top and my trusty black laced bralette from Artizia by Talula! 

xxx Jenny 


  1. You look so cute in those ♥♥

  2. I've always wanted lace shorts like those! Love the black and white contrast ^^
    It must be nice to have a sister, basically doubling your wardrobe haha xD

    1. hahaha yea it is! our styles are very different so its rare to find pieces that we actually want to wear because it tends to fit each of us differently and it just doesn't quite work with out natural personality vibe or the rest of our wardrobe, regardless its always nice to know you have a whole other array of options for you to choose from!


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