Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Review

Eyeliners, eyeliners! So many different eyeliners in the world and yet only a select few stand out amongst the growing variety! There's pencil, gel, and liquid and you'll find hardcore enthusiasts with differentiating opinions as to which formula is superior. 

I personally like liquid eyeliners the best for every day application. They tend to be more pigmented, and longer-lasting than the competing formulas! The problem that most people have with liquid eyeliners is the application. Generally speaking, liquid eyeliner needs some practice but once you've mastered application it is much easier to create a beautiful variety of lines, shapes, and even designs! 

I've recently tried the much hyped about Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black and have concluded that every girl/makeup artist must own this product! It even allows makeup noobs to enjoy the outcome of liquid liner at its best! 

What it claims: Containing honey essence with moisturizing effect. An extra-fine tipped brush that delivers an exact, definite, even stroke when lining the eyes. Deep black colour creates strong contour on eyes. Water resistance formula and easy to wash off formula is long lasting but can be easily removed by warm water.

The eyeliner is in a pen form which is convenient but can also be faulty. The amount of product that you receive is largely based upon luck which sucks! Luckily I had one of the good ones because I use this liner everyday and the ink is still as sharp, and bold as ever! The applicator is thick at the base and tapered down to a pinpoint thin end, this allows you to draw with extreme precision! You can draw a super thin line for a more natural look or a thicker line as well! The applicator enables you to draw such a smooth and pigmented line! It sounds weird but it really does seem like your lining your eyes with the most prestige fine point marker ever, which puts in context how easy it is to draw different designs on your eyes! Whether your creating a simple tapered cat-eye or an avant garde looks, this eyeliner won't dispoint! 

The ink is super pigmented and is the most "true ink black" I've ever seen from any liquid liner. The "inkiness" makes it a bit longer to dry so you should be cautious after you first apply it! I always curl my lashes before they dry and it always smudges! :( 

The liner lasts very very very long! There was this one time when I was crying like a pussy hopelessly from watching "The Notebook" (mmm Ryan Gosling) and naturally I was rubbing my eyes like crazy! The eyeliner stayed put! It had faded a bit but it didn't smudge at all! No racoon eyes for meee! This was with no primer at all! Just bare lids kids! 

When I only draw a slight wing I noticed that it does rub off! 

I bought this eyeliner for $22 but you can purchase this online at cheaper prices, although you should all be cautious of buying from illegitimate sellers on ebay etc. 

xxx Jenny

  • Overall rating: 4.9/5
  • Recommend to a friend: YES!! 
  • Buy again?: I don't think I'll be able to function in life without it!


  1. I love Dolly Wink's liquid eyeliner too! It's my HG eyeliner until I find something that tops it. It goes for about $18 on sasa now, before it was like $15-16 but then they changed their packaging and price.

    1. Yea I noticed that when I was searching for the link for the product! I bought it at a local store that sells asian cosmetics so it was probably more expensive for the shipping prices/profit but this was my first one so I kinda bought it on a whim! I going to add this to my cart next time I make a purchase on sasa though!

  2. Ok I've heard way too much great things about this liner, going to get one tomorrow! xD
    The one I have been using are either not pigmented enough or smudges with a single drop of water. =.= Hopefully this one will be my liner savior. x)

    1. I really hope it will be your liner savior too! This liner is waay better than any other liquid liner i've tried before. I know when I pulled it out and raved about it to my white friends their answers were somewhere along the line of "hmm never heard of it, can't be that good" but once I got them to try it for themselves they freaked and wanted to buy one for them as well!

  3. I have this eyeliner and is quite good, but my eyelids are oily and fades slightly, but overall it is very good and the packaging is so adorable *-*

    1. The portion where I create my baby wing is my oiliest part of my eye so it smudges due to the oil and the natural crease! Usually a primer does the trick for me ;)

  4. I really liked this eyeliner too, but it's a little bit overpriced for drugstore goodie huh. Now my HG is actually a lot cheaper Creer Beaute one :)


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