Blinding me

Sexy selfies with my dog
You can see a distorted part of the stool behind me in the corner of the photo. I know if I don't address this now, I'm going to get a bunch of questions about it. Basically there was a bra hanging from there and I tried photo shopping it out. Clearly I suck at photo shop and thus the outcome pictured above.

Rhinestone detailing on the shirt
No makeup sundays whoo

Sheer Collared Shirt from Forever 21, Jeans from Levis, Jacket from Zara, Wedges from Zara, Sunglasses by Betsey Johnson, Navy Blue Le Pilage Longchamp Bag

Today I ran a few errands around town with my casual outfit as the sun was shining and I had my super kewwl shades on! ;) I was super exhausted and I have just come to the realization that I still have a ton of homework to do. 
I. am. an. idiot.

Everybody meet my dog! I am absolutely obsessed with my little yorkie poodle but this is the first time that everybody has met him! His name is Oliver and he's 3 years old right now! I take far too many pictures of him so you're sure to see him again! 

xxx Jenny


  1. Oliver is gorgeous! I really like the shades and sandals, this is a cute outfit :) I'm following you on Bloglovin'

  2. Your dog is so cute!! :) I love that detailing on your sweater btw :)

    1. Thank you! At first I thought it was a little tacky but I mean they're so subtle!

  3. What a cutie! And perfect casual outfit. =)



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