March Favourites 2013

March was quite a lovely month for me! 1 week of no school is always greatly appreciated! Although, the dreadful part of March break is the fact that all of your teachers seem to be constantly reminding you that school will now be much quicker and rather difficult after the break because we are soon approaching final accumulative season! Wheee the joy -_- 

Nonetheless, a full week of no school allowed me to spend my time doing absolutely nothing productive just as a teenager would! A good portion of my time was dedicated to playing with my makeup! This allowed me to rediscover some products that I have previously abandoned for various reasons, and I am now happy to say that I have been reunited with some past favourites of mine! 

None of these are full reviews and if you would like a full review on any of these products just go ahead and request it and I will get right on it! 

I bought this product when the whole BB cream craze was really at its height and I used it pretty much everyday for 3 months give or take. I abandoned it when I was breaking out and needed something that would give me a better coverage. The consistency is kinda thick so it can be difficult to spread across your face. The problem isn't with blending it into your skin its using as little product as possible for a smoother application; using a primer reeaally helps! The sunscreen function makes me a bit grey but it oxidizes nicely! The coverage is great and build able! I'm happy I feel back in love with this product as I'm using it everyday again! Wheee 

This is a great silicone based primer! My makeup always goes on so smooth and extends its longitivtiy by at least 2 hours! I really focus on my dry spots and it helps my makeup not flake at all! 

My shade is in SC-3 for my NC 25-30 Olive Undertones skin! This is a great concealer for blemishes! It is really creamy and comes with two shades so you can customize your colour for seamless blending. Don't try using this under your eyes! It'll cake up and leave you with a bad impression of a great product! You must keep in mind that this is a heavy duty concealer so you should really try to use as little product as possible for a natural look! This really does conceal every blemish wonderfully though!  I use this with my e.l.f studio small precision brush which is another one of my favourites pictured above! One downside to this concealer is that the best way to apply this truly is with a separate brush so you may have to make an extra purchase if you down already have a small brush to work with. 

This is probably one of the worst concealers I've ever tried. This made it on my favourites list as a lip eraser! Using a lip eraser does a few things... it makes your lips look sickly and pale as though you are dying, and it makes any lip colour that you apply over it look boootiful! Using a skin coloured product on your lips will apply the "true" colour of whatever product your using! 

I've really been into the gradient lip trend that I've been seeing frequently on korean idols and actresses lately and this in combination with my MAC Studio Finish Concealer really helps me achieve that look! 

I use to use this product religiously for a really long time and stopped using it for no specific reason. Applying macara on the lower lashes really make such a big difference! Your eyes are much more defined and look much larger! The frequent problem I had with applying mascara on the lower lashes was the smudging!! This mascara was a super tiny brush making it easy to apply and it stay put all day! No smudgy smudgy for me baaaby! 

I have super miniature lips and have really been wanting to change that recently. My sister gave me her old Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish for me to try out and I absolutely adore it! It plumps my lips to a super cute little pout without looking fake and "drag queen-ish!" I love the minty tingle that I feel on my lips! The gloss is a bit sticky but moisturizing as well so its a nice little sacrifice. The colour I have is now discontinued but there was a sufficient amount of pigmentation! I am going to purchase a new one soon! I'm hypeeeeed! 

Drumrolllll for the best liquid eyeliner to have ever existed like ever! The award un doubtingly belongs to the Dolly Wink Liquid Liner. I full review of this product is coming very soon because I just can't not! The tip and very fine at the top and gets thicker at the base; allowing you to create lines of all levels of thickness! The pigmentation is so black and intense, while the longitivtiy of the liner is amazing! I was watching it during a sad movie with tears flowing like a river and yet my liner still set in place. Of course that didn't help when my mascara went haywire... but at least my beautiful line bordering my eye was still intact! 

Again feel free to request for any full reviews! 

Oh and my favourite app goes to fix it felix! Love that game! <3 

xxx Jenny 


  1. I love using the benetint, it feels so light on my lips

  2. Hello Jen
    Glad you liked my blog! Of course I'm following back!
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