KozakSportsPerform: Kickboxing Review

As I am writing this, I am still recovering from the massive sweat session I just had as a result of this killer workout from KozakSportsPerform. 

Holy Shit! My body feels so tired yet energized. I was sweating so much; I literally felt like my "fat was crying!" 

I've always wants to try kickboxing because so many people with hawt bodies have expressed their love for it! I didn't have enough money to pay for my hot yoga classes and my rock climbing sessions (not bout dat student lyfe yo), so of course I turned to the internet. Thank god I was born in the era of youtube and high speed internet. 

The workout is suitable for all fitness levels as the moves are really easily adaptable! It consists of six, four minute "rounds" with 30 second breaks in between each round! 

This isn't just throwing punches, and kicking. He's got squats, ab drills, pushups, and I was dying on the floor as the room just got hotter and hotter. 

Even though it was getting increasingly difficult throughout the video, the instructor was really motivating and really got my pumped for the next round yet cherishing each second of my break! 

I am really happy I decided to try this out because I love it and I will be adding this to my fitness routine!

Breakdown of the picture. The large left side picture is me after my 20min warm up where I dance simultaneously for 20min. At that point I'm already sweating but I still feel cute which means I felt the desire to take selfies. Obviously. The top photo on the right was still before the kickboxing video; still feeling cute. The middle photo on the right was what I was embarking on. The last photo you can see me glistening in glorious sweat; with an unimpressed facial expression that looks as if I am soon going to collapse... because I was. 

xxx Jenny  


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