Grey Bat

I'm a bat
The long "arm-holes?" let me pretend I'm a bat

Now I'm serious again... but the camera is out of focus 
I love the way this shirt drapes over my body!

Now I'm cute... but the camera is out of focus 

Again, I'm trying to be playful but the Camera is not co-operating

Shirt from French Connection, Wool Lined Leggings from, Boots from Michael Kors, Scarf from Hong Kong 

I'm really trying my best with this whole outfit of the day/fashion blogger photos but I think I am seriously failing. This is the best I could do with a camera, tripod and self timer! I'm so awkward in photographs this was quite a challenge. Truthfully, I like making videos better but I don't want to put myself up on youtube yet! I like talking to people and showing others my personality... from photos it just looks like I'm an awkward monkey... or in this case an awkward Bat. Heheheh 

Although the blurry photos are blurry, the brightness is a lot better and therefore you can see the beautiful draping and lines of the shirt! It's so comfortable, I could wear it all day! My scarf keeps me super toasty warm and I wear it pretty much everyday! I couldn't live without these shoes because they're warm, comfy and they give me height! 

Next time, I'll try to post better photos and be less awkward! 

xxx Jenny 


  1. Nice! That shirt is so cute!


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