Acid Baby

Acid Crop Top from American Apparel, Skirt from Brandy Melville, Sheer Leggings from American Apparel, Shoes from

This crop top is actually really unflattering, but I love the design and silhouette... in theory. It makes my upper portion look really wide. :( It has a really nice grey acid wash design, which is great because it's hard to wear acid wash without looking tacky. 

I barely wore any makeup today! Just my circle lenses and one coat of mascara! This may sound weird, but the best part about not wearing makeup is the ability to just rub your eyes and face however you like! :P I'm not wearing my lenses in this photo because my eyes were really dry today and I took them off as sooooon as I got home! Whew! 

I think by now you guys are starting to get a sense of what my personal style is like and I hope I'll be able to share more with you all in the future! 

Summative and Exam period is coming up so I won't be posting as often as I'd like to, but I promise to try my best to keep up with my entries! 

xxx Jenny 

p.s I got nominated for Liebster Award by SparklyChee and that post will be coming up soon! Thank You so much for nominating me! It feels great to be part of this! :) 


  1. Love your outfit and I agree with your comment about being able to touch your face when you have no makeup on! Good luck with your exams :)

  2. Thank you for following ^^!

    I love your outfit, especially the colour of the skirt. I was addicted to shopping at Brandy Melville at one point OTL.

    1. No problem! I really liked Brandy Melville too when it first arrived in my city! Although, my obsession kind of hit at full speed and ran its course quite quickly :/ although this is true, some of my favourite pieces today are from Brandy Melville!

  3. Super cute outfit! I especially love the skirt, Brandy Melville has such cute stuff, I always have to sit on my hands to stop myself from going crazy on their website xD

    1. hahaha i don't know a single girl who didn't go through a crazy brandy melville stage!


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