Skin79's "A.C Clinic Anti Trouble Spot Gel" Review

Skin79 A.C Clinic Anti Trouble Spot Gel ($16.00) is a spot treatment that targets your blemishes using natural ingredients that work in harmony with your skin's natural properties. Prior to purchasing this product, I had tried to read up on multiple reviews but there wasn't much to work with. The pictures used for promotion was enough to get me wanting the product, so I ended up getting it anyways regardless of the lack of reviews.

What it clams: INSTANT AND POTENT SERUM FOR TROUBLE Triclosan and other specially patented ingredients remove dead skin cells and controls sebum, and takes care of trouble quickly and effectively by minimizing irritants.

This product contains a whole lot of natural ingredients such as papaya extract and phyto-complex which means that it'll either work really well for your skin or break you out like a motherfucker crazy. In my case, it worked well but not well enough. The gel consistency well fast absorbing and soothing to the skin. I love gels because they have a nice calming effect on the skin that makes your face feel refreshed and clean. There was no residue after applying the gel so makeup application went smoothly.  

Skin79 continues to impress me with their impeccable packaging. Literally every product that I have ever tried from this brand has such great packaging that is attractive and functional! Your probably looking at the product and thinking "it looks like a tube" or "this chick is impressed easily" but the tube is sturdy and compact, even the plastic itself feels nice. Although, in this case its more of the "functional" aspect that impresses me rather than the outer appearance! The small opening at the tip of the tube allows me to accurate control how much product I want to be extracting each time. Nothing irkes me more than uncontrollable flow of product pouring out like molten lava from an erupting volcano!

It smells clean, fresh, and natural. Everything was looking pretty good but when it comes down to it, the product did not deliver the way I was expecting it to. I wanted to use this for my pimples. My disgusting, ugly, not desirable pimples. This product made my skin feel really soft and redness go away but it did not decimate the size of my zits whatsoever! 

I was happy the the redness was gone, and that my skin was softer but I bought this product for a specific reason and I should hope that the reason would be met. 

I recommend this product if you want a spot gel for acne scars, redness, or even super miniature spots but if your looking for a HG spot treatment I would continue looking if I were you! 

  • Overall rating: 3.9/5
  • Recommend to a friend: Yes, if they have generally nice skin with selected skin concerns 
  • Buy again: No
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** References: Combination oily skin that is problematic. 


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