Sunday, 31 March 2013

Follow me on Bloglovin!

Hello my lovlies! 

I hope you enjoyed my return to blogging with my new template and review! 
I promise I will be posting at least once a week from now on so look of for meee!
You may have also seen me around the internet doing some classy shameless promotion all around the beauty community of forums and youtube today ;) 

Anyways I would like to make a request for my followers to follow me on bloglovin because that would be super cool and I would finally be one of the cool bloggers! 

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Until next time

xxx Jenny 

Skin79's "A.C Clinic Anti Trouble Spot Gel" Review

Skin79 A.C Clinic Anti Trouble Spot Gel ($16.00) is a spot treatment that targets your blemishes using natural ingredients that work in harmony with your skin's natural properties. Prior to purchasing this product, I had tried to read up on multiple reviews but there wasn't much to work with. The pictures used for promotion was enough to get me wanting the product, so I ended up getting it anyways regardless of the lack of reviews.

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