Skin79's A.C Clinic "Skin Clearing" Cleanser Review

They say Korea has the most superficial and shallow culture in the world, mostly concluded from the fact that they are indeed the plastic surgery Capitol of the world, and their efforts to become Korea's "ideal women" seem to be endless. 

I myself am Asian, and while Asian products do seem to work significantly better on my skin in comparison to western products, it isn't always the case.

When I had discovered bb creams they quickly became my new obsession. No shitty mockery western bb cream could even come close to the quality in which an Asian bb cream is able to provide. 

Skin79's hot pink super plus bb cream quickly became my preferred makeup base. It's superior coverage, and skin benefits had exceeded my expectations and I have yet to try another bb cream that is able to surpass my love for Skin79! That being said, there are still many bb creams in the Asian market that are waiting for me to try as well! 

My skin had been in such a beautiful texture that I had assumed that the skin care properties in the product must have been remarkable! Therefore, it was only natural for me to see what other skin care products Skin79 had offered. I was quickly intrigued by the A.C Clinic skin care line. I had purchased the A.C Clinic Skin Clearing Cleanser ($18), the A.C Clinic Anti Trouble Spot Gel, and the A.C Clinic Spot Renewal Corrector. 

What it claims: A cleanser formulated for acne-prone skin types. It prevents acne, clarifies and soothes sensitive skin. Aloe-Extract provides abundant amounts of moisture on your skin to prevent dryness and further troubles, leaving you with fresh skin without over-drying. Botanical extracts gently cleans troubled areas to protect skin and heal redness. 

The cream cleanser foams up into a very rich consistency and you truly feel like you are getting a very deep cleansing session. My face felt cleaner, firmer, and brighter after my first use, and even my usage for the next month gave me the same benefits. That was about as great as it got.

I purchased this cleanser because of my new found love for the brand and because I was suffering from a recent breakout. This cleanser did nothing for my acne. I am fully convinced that any other cleanser would have given me the same results in regards its abilities to eliminate acne. I was cleaning my face, and that was what helped from my breakout, not the bullshit botanical extracts that had been infused in the cleanser. It didn't make me break out which is great, but if I wanted a cleanser that would just give me a standard cleaning, I would have stuck with my Cetaphil. 

Regardless, I did think that the cleanser enhanced my skin in every component other than my acne. After my acne eventually faded on its own, my skin had never looked so healthy! My skin was brighter, firmer, and (if I may say myself) happier! It didn't dry out my skin which is great because I find that Asian cleansers often clean so well that it leaves my skin with that tight uncomfortable dryness, in which I later feel as though I need to pack on some heavy duty moisturizer!  

The cleanser kept my skin balanced, stable, and healthy but this all changed in the future. My skin was getting too used to the product, it was no longer bright, firm, or happy! In fact, it was quite upset! :( 

I was breaking out (not from the cleanser), my skin looked so dead and ugly that I honestly didn't know what to do to it! 

  • Overall rating: 3.8/5
  • Recommend to a friend: Yes, only if their major skin concern is to just have an overall nicer complexion. Not if they have any specific skin issues they want to tackle.
  • Buy again: No.

** References: I have combination-oil skin that is problematic. 


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