Makeup Quick Fix: Invisible Eyeliner

Everyone girl wants to be that natural beauty who can just wake up beautiful and looking as though we already have makeup on. Reality's truth is that, while that would make life much simpler, this just doesn't seem to be the case.  

There are little tricks that can enhance your natural features with subtle makeup to make it look as though you hard work wasn't any work at all!

Lining your upper waterline creates the illusion of an invisible eyeliner. You eyes will look naturally larger, and more defined without anyone being able to tell whether or not you are wearing makeup! In order to ensure that you all able to fully play this game of charades, you must make sure that your eyeliner is as waterproof as they get! You do not want racoon eyes by the end of the day!

Take a q-tip and gently slide it across your upper waterline to dry the area as our eyes constantly produces natural moisture, therefore it makes the area hard to work with. Take your waterproof eye pencil (I prefer my Revlon Colourstay Eye Pencil) and just carefully line your upper water line. Next, you want to set the line with a little bit of a matte black eyeshadow such as MAC's Carbon. Just like you set your face makeup for power, your eyeliner should be set to increase longitivtiy. Make sure you don't use too much eyeshadow as the fallouts can be irritating to the delicate eye area. 

Leave a comment below to tell me your "no makeup, makeup" tips, and if you have tried this technique as well! 

Recommended Waterproof Eyeliners: Revlon Colourstay Eye Pencil
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Eye Pencil in Mat Black (0L)

** References: Dry, Sensitive Eyes. 
Brown, Double-Eyelid, Almond Shaped Eyes


  1. I love make up forever face products, like their concealer and foundations, but those are the only two things I have ever tried! im definitely going to try out this eyeliner!
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  2. Hello Jenny ! Thanks for the tutorial ^0^ I've also only lined the upper waterline for school. I think I will try to use the eyeshadow too :D

    btw, I nominated you for the Liebster Award *^~^ you can read and check more about it here:


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