Makeup Quick Fix: Tinier Forehead

We all have insecurities! If you are 100% confident in your every single aspect in your life and/or appearance, you're either lying to yourself, or you're really arrogant. There are always things that we can do to overlook or make those insecurities "disappear" 

Today's Makeup Quick Fix is how to make your forehead look smaller! 

Take a large fluffy brush such as the MAC 116 or MAC 129 and a Matte Bronzer or a dark blush such as MAC's Harmony. You want the contour powder to be 3 shades darker than your skin tone. I recommend using a Bronzer if you can because blush's often contain a ruddy hue to them which won't look as natural. 

Load up your brush and just sweep the colour on the outline of your forehead, around the hairline and down to the temples of your face! 

Recommended Brushes: Bare Essentials Flawless Face Brush (Favorites) 
MAC 116
MAC 129

Recommended Bronzing Powders: NYX Taupe Blush
MAC Blush in Harmony (Favorites)
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Bare Essentials All Over Face Colour in Warmth or Faux Tan (Favorites)
Tarte Waterproof Bronzer

Hope this helped! For any questions just comment below! 

**References: NC25-NC30 with Olive undertones 


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