Skin79 "White Reviving Skin Radiance" Sheet Masks Review

I don't know why but something about the word "Whitening" reminds me of the word "Wrinkles." When I think of whitening products I think of old people. It might be because my Mother has been anal about keeping her skin snow white for as long as I can remember (its seriously an asian thing). I was sent 5 of these masks by mistake as it came free with my order on I was supposed to be sent the cheaper Skin79 "SUE Hydrating Sheet Masks" ($2.50/sheet) but instead they sent me these whitening masks ($4.00/sheet) that were almost double in price... of course I had no complaints on that compartment! 
I was excited to get the whitening masks because I have a lot of acne scaring that I would kill love to get rid of. 

What It Claims: Pure cotton whitening mask sheet contains Flora-WH, which brightens the skin from the inside, while providing moisture and forms a skin barrier for a nutritious and lustrous skin. 
High concentrated whitening functional masks that takes care of dullness providing bright and clear skin that will give you a transparent snow white skin tone. 
Provides rich nutrition to dry and dull skin with lots of natural ingredients. 
The sheet is a light, silky pure cotton sheet that contains strong adhesion, sinking deep into the skin. 
Relaxes skin, keep a soft brilliant complexion. 

That is seriously a lot of claims for $4 of 15min "revitalizing" for the skin. The sheet is definitely one of the most high quality masks that I have used. The pure cotton sheet really is soft and silky and it felt very luxurious and cooling to the skin. It felt as though I could feel it gently whitening my skin. 
The fit of the mask was a bit large but this is usually the case with most sheet masks in the market. 
When I took the mask of my skin seemed brighter and my complexion was enhanced! Oddly enough though, my acne scars sorta "enhanced" with it. It is hard to explain but it didn't help them fade even after my 5 treatments were over with. Immediately after my first use my skin was softer and firmer. The effects unfortunately do wear off, therefore without regular use of these masks you won't truly be able to succeed in any of their claims for more than an hour. :(
With regular use (about 5 treatments, 1-2x a week), my overall complexion did look brighter, healthier, and more radiant but my acne scars did not lighten. My skin was a bit firmer and tremendously softer. I would say the claim that was truly proven to be true was the claim that my dead dull skin would look healthier!

  • Overall rating: 3/5
  • Recommend to friend: If they were asking about this specific product then yes. If they were asking about a good whitening mask, then probably not. 
  • Buy it again: No 

**References: Combination-Oily, Problematic Skin.


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