New Series! Bestseller Wednesdays!

Consistency on a blog has always been a problem for me. I am one of things insanely lazy "in the moment" people who won't stick to one thing if not successful or feels an obligation to devote myself to the activity. Take my tumblr for example. I think I have probably created an estimated amount of about 5 tumblrs in the last year and yet I only continue to manage one of them. That one tumblr was my only successful one as it as a fitness tumblr, and like me there are many healthy junkies on the internet ironically enough. 

I really am determined to manage this blog with the best of my abilities! I though starting a new series that posts every single month will be a good way to get myself devoted to writing annually. 

"Bestseller Wednesdays" are reviews of bestselling, "beauty cult," and "holy grial" favorites of consumers! This series will be great for anyone who is starting out with makeup and looking for reviews of the more popular "staple" makeup items that will hopefully get their collection started on a high note. 

With this being said the "Bestseller Wednesdays" series will be posted every Wednesday at 6PM EST! 


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