MAC and Sephora Haul!

This was a very exciting day of purchases for me because I finally got my hands on so many of my lingering desires! I have been dying to try the Josie Maran Argan Oil ($58) for the longest time! The price seemed outrageous to a high school student without a job! I've been eyeing for a while and my skin has been getting progressively worse so I decided it was time to cringe and get the damn thing! I don't know why I don't have a problem spending $60+ on a shirt and yet when it comes to makeup and skincare products I just can't bring myself to do it! 
Ever since Urban Decay had posted a photo of their upcoming "Naked Skin Foundation" ($48) on their facebook page, the key terms "urban decay," "skin," and "foundation," have been on my radar as I scan through my news feed amongst the flood of obnoxious  teenage posts (of course I'm a contributor to those posts; I'm a hypocrite, sue me). Another expensive item that didn't seem practical enough for me. This light weight, light-build able to medium coverage foundation sounded like a dream come true for me! (review coming soon!) I figured since school was starting, and I was running out of my favorite bb cream anyways that always had me piling on additional products to get a proper match to my skin tone, I mean I thought that a good foundation would save me lots of time in the mourning and it seemed like a good investment. 

I got another one of my favorite MAC blushes: Melba! This is seriously my favorite blush in the entire world, it gives me such a nice flush of colour! I love it, which is why when I hit pan on my baby I knew I had to go out and get a back up blush because I never (and I mean never) want to be without it! 

I have never owned a MAC "Fluidline" ($18) before. I have tried the Bobbi Brown "Long Wear Gel-Liner" ($23) and I didn't like it, tried the Stila "Smudge Pots" ($28) didn't like it, and I even tried the Maybelline Gel Liners ($14) and they were okay. I have tried the most hyped gel-liners already and figured what was the point of trying another one (despite the fact that this remains to be the most hyped about gel-liner in the history of hyped about gel-liners). I am biting my lips and eating my words because this is indubitably the best eyeliner on the market. Yes, eyeliner. Not just gel-liner. Eyeliner. I got mine's "Dipdown" because I wanted something more natural. A full review of this product is definitely coming! 

**References: I'm a NC25-30 with olive undertones. I use the shade 4.0 in UD's "Naked Skin" 


  1. can you please review the naked skin as soon as possible! i really want to get it but i want to have enough research before purchasing!


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